What's that hat?

My family have recently adopted a fun word game at home. What we do is, after dinner still seated around the table ,we nominate a single subject and going around the table we name things until the last person standing. If you repeat something You’re out! If you pause or take too long You’re out!

Just the other night we were playing types of hats, and I narrowly missed glory when I threw a Trilby into the mix twice.

So with this regular game play, I was very pleased to be introduced to Jefferson Lofller who has taken the names of things to the next level with his brilliant series of prints called Know your Stuff.

These quirky and informative illustrations show a collection of things with Bicycles,Chairs,Beef Cuts and Coffee

And I can’t help hoping one day a series on hats!

Jeffersons' prints are now available in our Woodstock showroom